Hard drive and OS

I want to get a hard drive along with an os. I've been looking at this hard drive...

and of course windows 7 64-bit...

The hard drive looks like a pretty good choice for the money, especially since i want to stay in the $50 range, well close to it.

Is windows 7 home premium a good bet? Why does OEM cost so much less than the retail, what does the retail version come with, is buying it OEM a good decision?

Thank you in advance.
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    Thats a good drive, but get the black if you can afford it.

    With retail, you get tech support and a few other goodies. For the full list visit ms site. With oem you just get the installation disc.

    If your confident with installing, maintaining, troublshooting and fixing windows, or have a friend who will help, then get oem.

    Most average users who buy oem, but have no clue on how to fix it, use google, so its worth getting oem.
  2. Just the answer I was looking for, your the best.
  3. The current generation hard drives all have 500 GB platters. This includes The WD Black (2 TB Model only), the Spinpoint F3 and Segate 7200.12.

    The smaller WD Blacks, Spinpoint F1, Seagate 7200.11 etc are older generation drives with 320/333 GB platters and are not up to par with the new generation 500 GB platter designs.
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