Help me finalize my build

I'm ordering tomorrow and my budget was $650. I already have a PSU, case, DVD/CD, and ram(DDR2). so this is what I got.

HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.12




Windows 7, fans for my case, and an HDMI cable after that.
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  1. So can I assume what I picked will be good due to no reply?
  2. What PSU do you have?
    And yea there are no problems that can be seen atm.
  3. its a 4 year old PSU, its been used for heavy gaming before and should prove adequate. Its 500watts
  4. It's possible that it would still be adequate, personally I would want some second opinions, and for anyone to give you a second opinion you would have to tell us what hardware was used with it before (CPU, PSU specifically) and exactly what PSU it is.
  5. ok I'll take a lok at it ASAP. The case is an old antec dragon. I know that for the time is was a $1000 gaming computer. I'll update once I can figure out exactly what the PSU is.
  6. I meant to say what CPU and Graphics card you used with it before.
  7. So far I see a ATI 9600, And some sort of Asus ATX mobo. an Ultra 500w PSU, 2 or 4 gb of ram. a sound card. various lights, 2 harddrives both with their own fan. How good a brand is an Ultra?
  8. Not too bad, I will do some research on it. Does it say something like X3 on it?
  9. The PSU or the card? The PSU is all like a mirror on the outside, I only saw ultra because of the cables.
  10. I was asking about the PSU, but seeing as you said it's like a mirror on the outside, I think I know which one you mean now. As the ATI 9600 apparently only uses 75W of power I'm thinking that it wasn't taxed too heavily that power supply.
    I'm doing research on the PSU that I think you have. I think it is the Ultra X-Connect, as it is very shiny/mirror-like.
  11. Yup I can tell by the fan on it. Is it good enough?
  12. Yea the X-connect 500W has received many favourable reviews, altho they are dated around 2004-5. So it should be able to last for awhile longer, altho it would be a wise investment to replace at some point, if not now.
  13. ok good, yeah I'll upgrade ASAP but as long as it works for now
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