1600x900 possible over D-SUB ?

I plan on buying a new lcd display to upgrade my current CRT so I finaly need to choose between 2 resolutions: 1360x768 and 1600x900. Now I'd want to be using this monitor for gaming, too so it's recommened that I play on the recommended resolution. Now the 1360x768 in a pretty supported resolution, while 1600x900 i newer. I have a radeon 5850. Now the question:

Most monitors with 1600x900 res have D-SUB (analog) interface and I heard you can't run resolutions that are indivisible by 8 (900/8=11,25). Is that true ?
Also you could tell your opinion on the 1360x768 resolution, how do things look in games on a 18,5 monitor ?

PS Sorry if I made some language mistakes, english is not my primary language
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  1. With a HD5850 I recommend at least a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 to utilize the power of the card. A lot lesser card would drive the lower resolutions you are thinking about.
  2. It is just the video card I have was given to me as a present, and really my current system is quite a bottleneck for such a card. I plan o upgrading but not very soon. And again I am also thinking about long term, I'd like this pc to be good for 3 more years or so..

    But anyway, what I was more interested in was the resolution question. I can't seem to find a definitive answer on the internet. And it would seem quite stupid for the firms to sell monitors with recommended resolutions that someone can never achieve with the given connector.
  3. So can anybody give me a defenitive answer ?
  4. My best guess is that it is supported by your card. I know that 1440 x 900 is.
  5. I've run a 20" LCD at 1600x900 using analog and it worked well. I was using a 4890.
  6. Are you using DVI-D or analog vga connector ?
  7. Thanks, i needed to know this for sure from someone.
    Now with my current monitor this resolution isn't available, but I guess after intalling the monitor drivers it should appear.
  8. Install the video card and monitor drivers. If you're having trouble, you can check the video card support. But any video card made in the last 3 years should support that resolution.

    I was using analog VGA, but I've never heard of DVI and VGA supporting different resolutions.
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