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I have a 2 bay 1tb each NAS. The Nas bricked itself during an auto-update but the drives are fine. I'm trying to "rebuild" the RAID0 on my desktop to access the files and save my data. All I've found so far is RAID Reconstructor but this seems to be a little overkill (plus I don't want to spent $100).

Anyone know of an easier way to "rebuild" the array and access the files? I'm open to any OS, just Windows 7 is the primary.

I know you can't rebuild a RAID 0. The drives are fine and functional.

Thanks in advance for any input
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  1. Dude,

    If you take the drives out of the NAS and try them on another controller you will lose your data. The new controller will overwrite the information the NAS has put on there to communicate with the drives. Also a lot of NAS units use a slightly different file system. I guess this is to prevent drives being taken from a NAS and put in a PC to by pass the NAS user account security.
  2. Yea, i assumed as much. I'm not mounting the raid with the raid controller, rather hoping a software solution could help. LaCie says the nas is "Linux based". I guess it's more wishful thinking at this point
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    The only way I can see that you can retrieve the data is to get the NAS replaced with an identical NAS or get the one you have repaired.
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