Memory Underclock?

I currently have the following setup:

Intel Core I5 750 (quad core) @ 4.4ghz
ASUS P7P565 WS Supercomputer Motherboard
4gb of of G.Skill Ripjaw Series ddr3 RAM (1600)

When I go to the overclocking settings in this BIOS, I set it to overclock to 2200mhz but when I open up cpuz, It only shows the RAM speed at 1100 mhz, only half! I've tried adjusting voltage and timings, and played with different overclocking profiles too.
How do I go about getting this fixed?
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  1. Alot of time the motherboard will turn down the mhz of the ram and the cpu becuase its either trying to save power, prolong the life of them or try to reduce the heat of the memory.
  2. I would check to see if the ram timmings are right configure or keep any eye on cupid while playing a video game to see if the mhz goes up
  3. In the Bios it's set to overclock to 2200mhz (for example), then when I boot in to Windows, it only shows the RAM running at 1100mhz, 1/2 the BIOS says. The QPI frequency is the same way. The FSB:RAM Ratio is set at 2:10 and there is no setting in the bios to change that. What setting(s) in this motherboard's bios do I need to change?
  4. I am not to familiar with this kind of stuff. Sorry, i know a lot more about applications and hardware... not bios and overclocking.
  5. ram is DDR so the actual clock speed of DDR3-2200 is 1100MHz

    i'm not sure if QPI is the same (as i am used to the AMD sub system), though since you are asking these questions you should really read an overclocking guide first (as you should know these things)
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