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Hi .

I'm starting with the biggest issue ...never oc nothing in my life, I did read a lot about but all this blck, vid,and the rest of the sort terms tells me nothing.
Have build a decent oc for gaming but mostly for cs6. Here are the stats
I7 3930k on a dx79si cooled buy a H100 pull-push noctuas...running 32g of rip jaws at 1600mhz and finally the gtx 670 ftw . Everything it's juiced by seasonic x 1050 w psu.
Now I opened the intel extreme utility and set the core voltage at 1.250 and the multipliers to 40 than run 1 hour of prime95
Hottest core got 70c max. My idle hottest core it's 40c.
Right now I'm on 1.250 v set. And multipliers at 42 running prime ....hottest I got till now it's 71c...I'm in 30 min right now...
I'm I doing it right? Core temp shos 1.3311v....why? Bios it's a other world for me....but I'm willing to try.
Why my idle it's 40? It is to high I've been reeding ppl with 20+ in idle....I have a corsair switch 810 case plenty of air circulation. Just put me in the right path jedi's. Thx.
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  1. you are kinda doing it backwards...what you want to do is start off with a low voltage then raise the bclck testing it each time until it becomes unstable then raising the voltage and repeating the process until you get to the desired speed that you want...keep in mind i think that 70c max load is a little high for 24/7 oc but I have been doing that for 3 years now on a i7 950 and it hasnt died yet. the reason why the voltage is different in windows/core temp then the bios is because of a thing called vdrop....its impossible to overcome just a fact of oc'ing.....if your temps are not where you think they should be make sure there is not alot of dust build up in the system no cables are blocking air flow and if that doesnt solve it you could reapply the thermal paste make sure there is enough but not too much
  2. Thank you for getting back at me....bclck...have no idea what's that....
    What I did I raised the max turbo multipliers to 42 ....and core voltage as is named here to 1.250 v ....I believe it's not really a 24/7 because the CPU MHz changes depending on how hard I use it...it goes down to 3.2 and in prime it goes up to 4.2.
    Should I just increase the multiplayer till its on stable?
  3. what i mean by bclck is the multiplier.....and by 24/7 i mean you leave the settings like this 24/7.....what you should do is set the multipliers to stock and then lower the voltage as low as you can go until it is unstable then go back to the setting above it...then raise the multipliers until it becomes unstable....then raise the vcore voltage up a notch then raise the multiplier up again until it becomes unstable...repeat this process until you get your desired speed...this way you have the lowest voltage possible for your desired speed. this takes a long time to do but you wont regret it once its done.
  4. I'm so upset....I don't know what I did....now everything it's back as it was but my CPU can't go higher than 3.6 worst than stock..3.8
    Max turbo multi set to 38 the voltage it's default ...I don't know what happened...
  5. just load defaults in the bios then you will be back where you started....once you do that take the voltage off of auto and set it to like 1.15 for the vcore....then up the multiplier until it is not stable
  6. Loaded def. get back to see...same as I start prime or even the intel stress it doesn't go higher than 3.5....did I screw up my CPU? The bios shows max 38 on turbo and intel extrem shows 38 but soon as I stress the CPU falls back to 3.5
  7. so did you load the defaults? or not yet? if you did load the defaults and its still doing that that is weird you didnt skrew up your cpu lol so dont worry it is something we can figure out...if you skrewed it up it would have temps through the roof and would be crashing or not even turning on
  8. Yea same thing ...everywhere shows 3.8 and under stress falls back to 3.5
  9. I am not 100 percent positive bc I have never really tested a chip at stock settings but when all cores are active the chip doesnt go up to 3.8 thats only when one thread is active. so you are fine.....If you want to make sure you could crack open ur pc and remove the motherboard battery for 1 minute and that will ensure everything is back to its original settings
  10. i have the new bios up ...pls be kind and tell me what to do just at least to get back to original state
  11. yes
    loaded defaults
  12. urban legend if you are going to be a jerk then just leave you dont need to insult him or I in the process of helping him...He is new to this so I am trying to take it slow and spell it all out
  13. All this in bios not intel extrem utility right?
  14. haha was that just a guess? or did I fill that in somewhere? I am from chicago actually lol
  15. Soon as I disable the turbo technology the only multiplier witch it shows it's the non turbo multi witch is at 32 but it dos not allowed me to change it ....if u have a email I can send u 2 pic with the intel extr. Showing the mess...
  16. lol i just realized my avatar is still cpd....and sorry for being sensitive I am just used to people attacking me all day haha....
  17. Yes it allows , and don't know how to post pic here sorry,
  18. whats the preset what i need to turn off? if i set the assistant can i just leave it like that without tweaking more?
  19. No I hear ya man people get into flame wars pretty easily on the internet its ridiculous thats why I assumed your comment was meant as an attack

    believe me I am no rich mammas boy on the salary that I make haha
  20. need to go ..sorry will be back tom.afternoon...pls leave ideas and options.thx for help

    and?what u see?
  21. o the max non turbo cant be set higher than 32
    if i disable the turbo boost...everythings grays out...cant set no multipliers nowhere
  22. really need to get some sleep in...few min ago just throw out all my dinner....some kinda flu got me...im sorry urban dont mean to be disrespectful...ur here to help me and i leave...but i cant stay anymore in the fron of the pc....need to laid down...ill get back tomorrow night-ish. thank you and just leave any other thoughts on
  23. Quote:
    what were you getting attacked about.?

    my job haha most people dont like having to deal with me when I am at work...
  24. howd you guess haha? not chicago suburbs though
  25. U are policeman? I just ate drugs arrest me XXXXXDDDDDD
  26. dansgas1000 said:
    U are policeman? I just ate drugs arrest me XXXXXDDDDDD

    I could care less what you do buddy....as long as you are not in my town and you dont run into me have at it
  27. k guys flashed my bios again , to the latest one ...started the pc again ...start coretemp then prime95.....soon as load hits the cpu the 3.8 drops to 3.5 and stays there....dont know what to do
  28. its all default...new bios tell me more precisely what u wanna know
  29. Thx for the wanna help me :) ....situation solved . Pc sold .loollll. I know u gonna assume I'm a rich boy.....I'm not....just got a offer witch i could not refuse :)
    Urban there ur best answer ! Last post:)
  30. Best answer selected by Urbz.
  31. Got 2770 $ for it...craiglist.....the guys a prof. Artist in photoshop...he liked the machine...so I thought, I'll build another one...and probably not mess with the oc,
    :)). Thx anyway man.
  32. Invested 2480-ish....but the things when there where on sale...so it's good.
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