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Asus Bluray media writing error...Pls Help!

Dear All,

I recently bought the new Asus BW-12B1LT along with original Verbatim BD-R 50GB DL with jewel case, 2x speed. The problem is already I have lost 2 of my discs due to writing error using IMG Burn and then later on changing to nero.

My system spec is i3 530 2.93Ghz, Intel DH55PJ motherboard, 6GB DDR3 RAM, HD6670 graphics card and harddisk 160gb with 2 partitions - 49.3Gb, 99.6GB and separate 2 x 1TB single partitions harddisk with Win7 64bit OS installed.

Sorry, I am able to post any log file because I forgot to take a snapshot of the same and now I am totally upset with my bluray writer.

I tried with CD and DVD and it burns perfectly. I have even tried with 25GB and the error happens only random. But, in 50GB dual layer its error most of the time and I have lost my money considerably on verbatim blank media. I even tried to update the firmware and found that this model has 1.03 has the latest which is currently installed.

Can any member could help me trouble shoot this odd problem???

NB: Pls pardon my english as I am totally disappointed with this drive and my loss of money...
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    My first Blu Ray Burner had to be sent back when it had trouble reading DVD disks including the disk it came with. Its replacement has worked fine. Blu Ray is still bedding in some ways. 50 GB data burns are far from mainstream at the moment so essentially in this area you are covering new ground. You will need software that supports 50 GB burns and there may be stability issues there. If software checked out them I would send the drive back and have it replaced. Also the drive should have come with its own burning software. Hopefully it is not Nero. I have never liked Nero which on my past experience is invasive.
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