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Err so I bought a 5770 finally for myself and a relative, the problem is... he gets blue screen "grey static/colour screen when he tried to play resident evil 5 on PC, blue screen everytime he tried to start a game, couldn't even start it. He also plays wow, he can start and play it fine but it goes blue screen when he tried to change resolution and window mode everytime.. I tried to reinstalling windows 7 for him but i got the windows boot manager error, saying remove usb device or harddrive/cd is malfunctioning... it's pretty frustrating.. used driver cleaner didn't work because I tried doing a fresh install because he had a nvidia card before and I can't even boot the disc.. files are loading then error.. PSU is 750W corsair, 6 pin is connected.. no usb storage plugged in harddrives are fine to me..

Phenom 940 3.0 GHZ
2x 640 HD

my 5770 is working fine on my intel..similar built but i didn't have a nvidia card before, any solutions?

thanks in advance
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  1. Have you tried his 5770 in your system? That way you can make sure it's not a defective card.

    You also might put his old card back in his system to make sure it's still functioning properly. The problem could be something new within his system.
  2. go into the bios and disable the on board video..... or make it point to the card.
  3. ok he lives like 15 mins away, just now his 5770 works on my system, just copied wow over ran fine, don't have other games on my computer yet ;/

    and additional note, apparently he played wow perfectly fine before, and he updated windows updates and new drivers then started screwing things up so im gonna try to format his computer later tonight, burning a new iso of windows 7.. i think the disc is acting up, ran the disc again this time it said "file corrupted" or something not even boot manager error anymore

    im hoping a fresh install will the trick if i can get it booting err thanks for the swift replies guys i'll update later tonight again

    edit: disabled onboard, no luck ;/
  4. Maybe you should run a disc repair/check/error checking on the hard drive ?
  5. Quote
    i think the disc is acting up, ran the disc again this time it said "file corrupted" or something not even boot manager error anymore
    End Quote

    Is this for the DVD drive. Due to the problems with both hard drive and DVD drive, the first thing I would do is:
    - Reseat all MB power connectors. Reseat Memory.

    - Clear Bios and reset to optimum

    - Make a bootable CD with Memtest86+ (from your computer) and use it to boot to CD on his computer and verify memory is good.

    If you can not boot to CD, Try a 2nd DVD drive.

    Still a problem, Need to verify PSU is good. If you have a Voltmeter (A cheap one from an automotive store is fine), measure the +5 and +12 Volts at a molex connector ( red -> blk = +5 and Yellow -> blk = +12V). If have a 2nd PSU that is known to be good, try it.

    If above are good, then go with planned re-install of HDD, Delete Partition first. Select custum install to delete and reinstall partition.
  6. Alright, FINALLY I figured out the problem.

    Originally, we wanted to fix the issue without formatting, avoid the hassle but we ended up doing it anyway. The install disc was corrupted, so I burned a new iso of windows 7. I did a fresh install and everything went well, no more blue screen UNTIL he installed his firewall, Outpost! It was the culprit! Once that was installed, rebooted, BAM blue screen same issues again, uninstalled it everything worked perfectly fine. We are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO frustrated and mad right now, wasted hours trying to figure out the problem, ended up it was a conflict with a firewall program. We didn't even need to format if we knew it was the firewall argh! I mean it's a nice firewall, I used to use it too but I had program conflicts with it before now I don't even use firewall.

    Thanks again everyone for the help, we tried all those suggestions, unfortunately they didn't work or related. I googled a lot of similar issues/solutions, tried them all and didn't work. In conclusion, 5770, windows 7 64 bit professional, outpost do not mix well ;/
  7. But at least he finally has his 5770 working as he wanted!

    So how much satisfaction do you guys have now that you fixed it?
  8. Yeah true, at least we got it fixed. We are glad the card wasn't defected, we didn't want to return the card would take so long to replace. Satisfaction wise, eh we're pretty irradiated at first, over it now, it was bugging us and ruining our mood for the holidays. Now we can party hard without worries!

    Thanks a lot again, everyone! Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!
  9. Thanks for posting the fix............ Happy Holidays.
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