I5-2500k OC noob

Hi, so i was wondering what would be a resonable OC to put on my i5-2500k processor with a cooling system like

as cooling system (i havent purchased a cooling system yet so if you have better option to consider at reasonable price please do so)

i did a bit of researching and it seems that with this cooling system i can aim for 4.0-4.2 Ghz OC , i'm in the process of reading the sticky in the OC - CPUs section (i7- and i5-2500k OC guide)

any advices are greatly appreciated! i wanna be sure to know as much as possible what to do before i even get a cooling system to OC my CPU.

also, when i applied the heatsink that came with my CPU i applied thermal paste and was wondering what was a good way of removing it if i was to OC and install an aftermarket cooling system because i take it i'd have to remove it in order to apply another layer to install the cooling system

sorry if it seems noobish but i already kinda messed up with my build (not buying the best i could have gotten for the price i paid) so i want to be sure this time :D

specs are:
i5-2500k CPU
BIOSTAR TZ77XE3 mobo : http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813138355
EVGA GeForce GTX 570 Fermi http://ncix.com/products/?sku=57361
8GB Mushkin Enhanced Silverline Stiletto 8GB 2X4GB @ 1333MHz
NZXT Hale 82 650W ATX PSU http://ncix.com/products/?sku=65503&vpn=HALE82%2D650%2DM&manufacture=NZXT

main reason for OC'ing is because i want to be able to play bf3 on ultra and i've read on the web that OC'ing my 2500k would allow me to achieve that with a gtx570 , i might be wrong so please correct me if that is the case
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  1. from what i understand from the sticky, with a i5-2500k i should be able to achieve 4.5GHz OC without having to mess with the voltage? an Hyper 212 would be sufficient to achieve that goal?
  2. i should be having my SSD soon and reinstalling fresh windows on it so should i wait until then to OC? also, i dont currently have an aftermarket cooling system would 4.5GHz OC be safe with the stock cooler?
  3. okay thanks, and would the Hyper 212 allow me to overclock my chip to 4.5GHz without any problem?

    also, if i read the other thread correctly (the sticky) , the quick clock you're giving me would OC my CPU to 4.2 GHz , right?
  4. Thank you a bunch mate, it's awesome to find people nowadays willing to help noobs ^^ , ill be sure to post back when i get my cooling system but first i'll have to make sure it will fit in my case :3

    also do you have any advice to remove the thermal paste already on my CPU atm and is there any specific techniques regarding the removal of the stock heatsink or just pull on it with the CPU locked in place?
  5. i think i might have difficulties fitting the hyper 212 as it might block 1 ram slot, is there a difference between using the slot 1 and 3 as opposed to slot 2 and 4 ? because the heatsink is most likely going to block slot 1
  6. yes, i will look that up right when i get back from work and if it doesnt fit i'll cancel the purchase , i'll build a guetto 3D model of the 212 with paper to see how it will look in my case

    my case is this one http://www.ncix.com/products/?sku=57910&vpn=Z9%20Plus&manufacture=ZALMAN%20TECH&promoid=1114
  7. i can find if my channel 2 and 4 support dual channel in the mobo guide that came with it i presume?
  8. okAY

    so it should clear the RAM chips as it is mounted parralelly to them , what i'm unsure about is if it is going to clear the orange transistor just above the CPU socket and my GPU , my gpu isnt that big of a deal since i can move it down to another PCI socket , the hyper 212 seems to have a clearing on the bottom of it (where the pipes touch the CPU) i have to find out how high it is to see if it would clear the orange transistor (not sure if its a transistor actually)
  9. ok so is it safe to assume that if the fan is 120mm high and the heat sink itself is 158.5mm high that the gap between the CPU and the fan is 38.5mm high?
  10. i tried out with a sheet of paper that i cut to the heatsink's height and length , cutting a 38mm opening at the bottom to simulate the space the pipes create and from what i could tell it seems to fit, what is going to be a challenge is it doesn't seem like i am able to fit my GPU somewhere else because of it's length / width because on all my other PCI x16 slots there is either a SATA cable in the way or a audio HD plugged in :S here are some pics of my setup (i will arrange the cable in a better way when i take it all apart to put the heatsink)

  11. seems like




    would be my best bet since they are more or less the same dimensions as the stock heatsink

    i've sent a message to ncix asking to cancel my order, if they can cancel it then i'll look at one of those 2 heatsink if they can't well .. i hope it will fit ^^ if not then my brother will get a free heatsink lol

    i played some BF3 on ultra settings and managed to get around 40-50 fps on 1680x1050 resolution with everything maxed out but using MSI afterburner i noticed something strange ... if im on ultra it tells me GPU usage is 99% and if i put low settings its still 95+% ... is that normal or a glitch? cuz my fan speed never exceeds 53%

    i was running Realtemp at the same time as MSI and bf3 and it tells me that my peek temperature was 80 degrees :S i dont think i have a choice to get a aftermarket heatsink even with no OC'ing

    i then went on to run prime95 just to see and my temps on all 4 cores jumped to my CPU's TJMax :S could it be that i didn't install the stock cooler not properly?

    i did the torture test "in place large fft's" and about a minute in my cpu was at TJMax (98 degrees) and now 3 of my 4 cores' thermal status in RealTemp show as "LOG" :/ restarted and now they show as "OK" but still, i doubt that it is normal that under stress with stock cooler i'd hit 98 degrees? :S
  12. i suggest you do the cables on your top priority :p
    and maybe get a better case? Yours is kinda small for ur 570
    btw a lil help here?
  13. i would get a new case but i am kind of on a budget atm so yea .. and regarding my CPU heating to 98 Celcius (TJMax) when running a Prime95 torture test, is that normal with stock cooler or is mine not installed properly? :/
  14. Quote:
    98C = FAIL...
    do not let that happen again.

    yea i stopped Prime95 as soon as i saw it but i hit like max temp of 80 celcius when i play BF3 :S
  15. can it be that i just did not install my stock cooler properly ?
  16. ill wait to get my new cooler so i don't play around the CPU too often
  17. dang it D: i managed to cancel my hyper 212 order but now


    is out of stock both on newegg and ncix :X
  18. its from amazon.com D: won't ship to me since im in canada and there none scythe samurai on amazon.ca :(
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