Looking to upgrade

amd phenom 2 x4 925
7200 rpm 500gb hard drive
6 gb ddr3 1066 ram

im looking to buy a radeon 5770 and ill need a new power supply i know already. i currently have one of my dads that he replaced when upgrading(it was pretty new) it has 450 watt max, 12v1 at 15a and 12v2 at 17 amp for a total of 28a. it is a psu by velocity micro

in the end my question is whether the power supply will run it, tell me if you need other info.
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  1. The 5770 is a very efficent card. I'd think your psu could run it. Its always good to have a quality psu though. (Brand and amps are more important than watts).

    I believe the 5770 uses around 100w loaded with around 9 amps? Try google 5770 amps. Id do it if I wasn't on my phone hehe.

    You can always try it out and if you don't like the results then upgrade your psu. :)
  2. you should be fine for the reasons raidur stated
  3. i figured as much, just wanted to make sure so i dont set the world on fire.
  4. Hello,

    Ther minnimum power requirements for a Radeon 5770 is a 450 Watt PSU. It also requires a 6-pin PCI Express power connector.

    Also, the 5770 uses under 100watts of power (but close to it).

    Edit: I forgot the mention the 5770 uses approximately a max of 9 amps.

    If you have a 6 pin PCI express power connector - you should be fine. If it doesn't it will obviously not work.

    If you do upgrade to the 5770 - and experience problems, you may need to upgrade your PSU - 550 Watt PSU should suffice (as long as it is not one of those no name brand ones).
  5. Chainzsaw said:

    If you have a 6 pin PCI express power connector - you should be fine. If it doesn't it will obviously not work.

    ...they outlaw molex to 6 pin adapters?
  6. not sure if the video cards come with a molex to 6 pin pcie connector...i thought most had one...
  7. ct1615 said:
    ...they outlaw molex to 6 pin adapters?

    must be for a good reason. molex to 6 PIN adapters are just cable and connectors and who gives warranty about that? I myself considered using it but once I have it I never got the nerve to plug it into the HD4770 that I bought for my kids. Ended up buying good PSUs afterall...
  8. "...they outlaw molex to 6 pin adapters? "

    What kind of dumb statement is that? Of course a molex to 6 pin adapter is going to work. I said basically if you don't have a 6 pin power plug - it will not work. If you obviously have a molex to 6 pin power plug it's going to work. Duhhh.

    But yea - random kid has a point - if you don't have one on your PSU - it may mean your PSU is not new enough and or it can't provide enough "juice"
  9. It could have plenty of juice but its older the problem with those adapters is your taking 2 12 volt leads and turning it into 3 leads on the one that is doubled up could prove to be to much for the wiring and that is not good so be careful if you use them
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