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Dell Optiplex 745 - support for 2 TB hard drives

I have a Dell Optiplex 745 and I would like to install a couple of 2 TB SATA hard drives.

Does anyone know if the BIOS will support that installation?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. This model came out before support for drives over 2TB was common, but it has had several updates since then. While the bios updates do not specifically say, I recommend updating to the latest bios version first:
  2. I DID read the manual and I talked to Dell via web chat but the best I can come up with from them is a max recommended drive size of 750 Gb.

    All I'm trying to find out is whether someone here has experience with a similar situation before I invest several hundred dollars in a couple of 2 TB drives.
  3. Yes, the latest BIOS would be a given.

    I went thru the changes for each version of the BIOS and the only mention of HD support I could find mentioned support for 500 Gb hard drives.
  4. Anybody?
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    I'm happy to report that the 2 TB drives ARE recognized by the system.
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