Overclocking my 945--- Noob

Hey guys... this is pretty urgent, becaus messing around with the speed of my cpu I messed something up.

Im trying to OC my Phenom II x4 945 with my Extreme3 970 by ASRock.

I changed the cpu frequency from 200 to 210 to see what happened. Nothing. Now when I changed it back my CPU wont go to 3.0 ghz and my computer is running very slow...

What did I do? and How do I overclock this succesfully thanks!
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  1. do you use UEFI bios ???
    just sharing:
    for non BE overclocked to note many of RAM you have, for example:
    if you raise 200 to 210 if RAM 1333 (666 cl 9-9-9-24) then it will be a 680-700 9-9-9-24 or see in CPU-Z, well this is if the ram is less voltage will affect the performance of RAM ., many tweaks that need to be tuned bro: D
  2. Alright I tweaked a little bit, and I am running at 3.3ghz at about 50-51C under load. I am using the stock cooler... I also have the ram O/C a little. Can I go to 3.6ghz while keeping around 55C?
  3. keep at 3.3 and don't go 3.6ghz because stll stock cooling. your cpu will burn by heat and hot .. if you want raise OC get good new cooler , it will safe for your hardware
  4. Alright...Well as of right now at 3.45ghz I ran at 50C under load...isnt that still fine?

    When I O/C ram one bump up I got 2 blue screens...I use 3 DIfferent Brands of 1333ghz DDR3... So I turned off the O/C on ram. Will that fix my issue?
  5. UPDATE:

    At 3.6ghz im at 45C idle... 54C at load, Is that alright untill I get a new cooler?

    Also.. Memory. I have 2 Brands. One calls for 1.65 one calls for 1.5 So I O/C the Ram and Set the voltage to 1.5v... what will happen?
  6. wow overclock should use dual chanel for perfect .. remove one RAM
  7. if no BSOD don't change anything , and the last test your Oc use Prime95 or intelburn test software (fast result) see how high your temp if over 60C stop your OC
    hwmonitor , intelburn test, prime95 that all you need download first
  8. Yea... I have them all downloaded right now. Everything looks good right now,

    It sais my ram was at DDR3-1279? Dunno what that means
  9. hmmm i don't know .. check in CPU-z at memory
  10. If heat limits are your main concern beyond the OC, you should check your motherboard settings. I have a gigabyte motherboard, I don't know about yours but mine I can set an alarm if it goes past 60 C.

    Also, you are an AMD user. I don't know if I am 100% right or wrong here but I thought I would tell you anyway. I don't know about your AMD but on mine your overclock values maybe different than what you are seeing. You should download and install "AMD Overdrive". I don't want you to use this to overclock (its better to overclock in your BIOS like you've been doing). Instead, in AMD Overdrive, you will see under the "clock/voltage" tab there will be your "target speed" and "current speed". Current speed in AMD Overdrive will give you a more accurate reading of your current processor speed than CPU-Z or DXDIAG.

    If you left your AMD Turbo on in the bios, you could be hitting between 3.8-4.2GHz on each core and not even know it! The thing is, it's NOT stable. In this case you will want to turn off your turbo if you haven't already. That way you can get a better stable speed on each core. Maybe you did this already but it is something AMD has (and now the intel processors as well with turbo).
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