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my internet connection become very slow but not get disconnected. when i am downloading files using bittorrent and internet download manager, it get so slow and stop. the bittorrent has yellow triangle that says no upcoming connection. i think i have problems with internet configuration. what should i do? please help me
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  1. Sounds like you are using all of your available bandwidth.
  2. 1st off, from your description, there is a good chance that your system has an active Malware infection on it. (Maybe / Maybe Not)

    2nd, it's also possible that your ISP may be throttling your connection, especially if your system should be infected bad enough to be part of a BotNet.

    Torrents and P2P networks are the fastest way to infect your system as everything has to be checked carefully before even attempting to open, run or watch.

    Once we've eliminated the possibility of any infections, then I would say it's time to look into your network configuration.

    I'd recommend Downloading and running MalwareByte's Anti-Malware.
    Do a full scan and let it fix anything it finds. Save the log just in case you need it later.

    Also, if you don't already have this on your system, download and install SpyBot-Search & Destroy.
    Do not select the TeaTimer during the install setup as it is more trouble than it is worth.

    Here is an updated SpyBot-S&D program executable which you can extract to the
    SpyBot-S&D program folder.

    To show that it is legit, here is the page link where you can find the update:

    Once you have installed SpyBot-S&D and installed the update, start the program. You'll get a small pain in the butt dialog window which you will need to click through until you see the Start using program button. After that, maximize the program then in the file menu select Mode > Advanced Mode. Next, on the bottom left select Settings > Settings Scroll down to Web update and select Display available Beta versions.

    Now close SpyBot-S&D so it'll remember the settings that were just set and wait a few seconds.

    Open SpyBot-S&D again and select Search for Updates. A dialog window will pop up, select a site, click continue then select all available updates EXCEPT the TeaTimer update. This update you can right click on and select Hide Update. Click the Download button to download the updates. After it finishes downloading, click the exit button on the dialog window, then return to the main SpyBot program.

    On the left panel, select Settings > Ignore Products > (main window) Cookies tab

    So your page links on most sites will work correctly without being blocked, be sure to select these items:

    Commission Junction

    These are most commonly used for redirects by the majority of websites you visit including Microsoft, Amazon, you name it, they probably use these ones. Block these ones and you will have trouble with a lot of links not working.

    Now close the program again to save these settings and wait a few seconds, then reopen again.
    In the left panel, select Immunize and as soon as it finishes loading in the main window, click the Immunize button that has the green plus.

    Now in the Left panel, select Search & Destroy then select the Check for Problems button and when it finishes, let it fix anything it finds. Save the log file just in case.

    Run a full Virus scan on your system. If you don't have an up to date anti-virus program (newest version) then I would recommend using Avast! Home Edition which is Free and is very well worth it and highly configurable.

    To help prevent your system from getting infected while surfing, the best recommendation is to keep your operating system fully up to date including any software and plugins that is installed on it. This includes Sun Jave which is up to 6.0 update 17, adobe reader, flash, Air, Shockwave, QuickTime and a lot of other software.

    As to Malware removal tools, there are other more powerful tools out there, but I can not recommend any of them outside of the security forums as they could very easily damage your system when used by an untrained person.

    If there is anything on your system which remains after the above scans, then the most I can do is send you over to the Spywareinfo Forums, Home of the Boot Camp. There you could post in the Malware forum asking for help and you could include the contents of your logs including the results from the AV scan If anything.

    Post back to let everyone know the results and if there is still any problems.
    This way everyone will know if you still need help.

    Good Luck
  3. it's also possible that his NAT/firewall is getting overrun by P2P connections and is bombing
  4. That's very possible. :)

    But then again, all he's gotta do to check that out is go into the settings of his Bittorent program and limit the number of connections allowed to see if this makes any difference.

    Another thing after limiting connections would be to limit the bandwidth of each connection.


    My experience & training in dealing with Spyware and other forms of Malware for the past 8+ years tells me to check the system first to be sure it is clean. Especially if the person is experiencing problems they weren't encountering previously.


    Sometimes though, it's the simplest things that cause the biggest problems.

    Such as one time, my electronics shop teacher who used to do major tech support for some big companies years ago with the big main frames. He told our class of a time he got called in to help trouble shoot a problem. When he arrived, all the local tech guys were standing around trying to figure out what was wrong and arguing about what the problem must be.

    The first thing he did was to check the power. He found that somehow the mainframe had been unplugged of all things and yet no one had thought to check the power supply. :D
  5. Almost forgot, if his connection is being bomded, then all he would have to do after making changes to his bittorent settings would be to shut his modem down for something like 10 to 15 minutes, then turn it back on to grab a new IP address.

    Not entirely sure about cable modems though, but I know with Verizon DSL, I'm able to wait 5 minutes to grab a new IP.
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