Inspiron 531s power supply replacement for new video card

Hello, I just purchased a radeon 4650 for my inspiron 531s , its a low profile card and I have read about many people running this card in my same pc. It worked great then I got a blue screen so I decided to underclock the video card until I replace the power supply. I was wondering if it is possible for me to be able to buy a regular size PSU for now until I get a new case. I have read in a few different places of people putting a psu outside of the case hanging out a little bit. If it is possible let me know the kind of psu I would need so I can go pick one up before the stores close. Any help would be great. Thank you..

I found this manual if it helps at all, im just confused by it lol..

thanks so much!
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  1. I would think (IMHO) that an external power supply would be unsafe and just plain annoying. you should try looking into tfx form factor power supplies, as they fit in the dell slimline cases.

    heres one that i like

    good luck!
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    before you replace the PSU check that its really the PSU that is what's causing the blue screens.

    it could be something as simple as a dodgy driver. the 4650 is a very low power card and im not sure that it would be enough to push your Dell over the edge.

    do you get an error code when the machine blue screens, i think it could be software more than anything.
  3. Thank you all very much, I decided to buy a thermaltake case and did a case swap and put 4 gigs of ram in and a 9800GT with some other cool stuff basically a new build, im pretty excited about it.
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  5. cheers. good luck and i hope it all works out for you.
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