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Presently running a phenom2 810 (2.6) quad with a bfg 9800gt low power and 6mb of ddr3 (lsp 650w pro). Thinking of either getting a phenom2 955 (3.2) black ed. or a nvidea 250gts. Which would give me the best system upgrade? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. 1) make sure your power supply can handle any new upgrades
    2) get the video card, you can OC your current CPU which is still a solid chip
    3) avoid Nvidia for now, their current prices are crazy for what you get
    4) get the ATI 4850 ($100) or 5750 ($140 + DX11) for similar performance to the GTS 250.
  2. thanks. sounds like a plan.
  3. Agree with ct1615 :)

    Whats your monitors native resolution?
  4. It"s 1280 x 1024
  5. 9800Gt is plenty for that resolution.

    No upgrade is required at the moment to run games at that resolution. :)

    Save money for now.Get a high end card later(GTS250 is faster than 9800GT but not fast enough to justify the amount of money you will spend ).
  6. thanks for the info! appreciated!
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