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Ok I am currently waiting on an AMD 6400+, however I want to get a new mobo to go with it. I am preferably looking for on that supports Crossfire, and will accept hopefully 667mhz or 800mhz DDR2 Ram, with the minimum amount of maximum RAM being 4GB even though I have not seen one that is less than that.
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  1. This is the AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ Black Edition, socket AM2? Sorry, just not sure if there are other sockets for this CPU specifically.
  2. Yes, and I guess it is also supported by AM2+ maybe.

    However I am looking at the MSI 790XT-G45 mobo. I like the fact I can later upgrade to the Phenom II X6 along with the max RAM being 16GB. The downside is that it only supports up to the 6000+ in the Athlon 64 X2 series. I have a 5000+ that will work in it for the time being and then I will turn around and buy the X6 for the board. Then I can take my old setup get new RAM, PSU, and GPU for it and leave it at my mothers house, since my parents are divorced and lugging a desktop from one house to another is annoying. So my main points are, 1.) Does that sound like a good idea?, and 2.) Is the MSI motherboard any good? I do see a lot of good ratings but I want to make sure.
  3. Sounds like a good plan.
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