Where is rev number?

I am reinstalling windows 7 and want to download drivers.

I have x58a-ud3r motherboard and the website listed rev 1.0 and rev 2.0 two kinds.

How can I check my MB's rev number? Do I have to open the case and find it on the board?

I remember I updated either firmware or bios before. Is rev number fixed or changed if you update the firmware?

Are the drivers same or I have to pick the right ones according to the rev number?

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  1. http://www.gigabyte.co.nz/Support/Motherboard/FAQ_List.aspx?FAQID=2234
    "The version or revision numbers are printed on the PCB on all range of GIGABYTE's Motherboard. Users can find the corresponding "REV: 1.0" on the top left corner of the Motherboard (Please check reference chart). When user wishes to update either bios or driver please make sure the correct driver or bios is selected to correspond to your Revision of motherboard."
  2. ^ that and you can use CPU-Z to check up on your hardware rev number
  3. Yes,that's an easier way too
  4. In answer to your second question - No. The Difference in Revisions is Hardware changes and Updating the BIOS will not change Rev.
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