How to remove ZIF socket on a socket 478?

Hello, is it possible to replace ZIF socket on a socket 478 mobo?
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  1. 12in Below said:
    Hello, is it possible to replace ZIF socket on a socket 478 mobo?

    Only if you want to destroy the board. Sheet metal cutters should do the trick.
  2. well my goal is repairing my old ABIT board not destroying it. but seeing that 4-5 of the female pins are missing down in it. its gotta go! and its in a situation, and a few reasons, its not possible to upgrade. its a socket 478, so i'm guessing there are at the least 478 connection points, is that something a repair shop does or a specialist shop?
  3. While it could probably be done (with the right equipment) it is gonna cost more than just getting a new MOBO would - so I' say your best option would be to find another 478 socket MOBO and replace the entire MOBO instead !

    Newegg still has a Biostar socket 478 MOBO for $45
  4. thx for the response and suggestion. its not an option to replace it with anything but the same make and model :( its a file/media server setup with over 6tb, and all sorts of other junk, so i would just have to drop it in, change a few bios settings and i would be exactly back wehre i was before it went bad (saving me hours of work) but even on top of that the win7 thats on it, is OEM, so i have to jump through hoops to get it to activate since it will only activate if i replace with the exact same make and model :( i've searched everywhere the past 2yrs and have come up with nuthing. i bought mine last year for 45$ as a first replacement since 2004, and the only one i can find on the net now is ridiculous at like 230$ plus the sales reviews... i wouldn't trust them 1% and not willing to pay that rediciouls price when the 2 NOS ones i bought were 40 and 45$ each.
  5. While the OEM version is tied to the MOBO in most cases a simple phone activation will allow reactivation after swapping out the MOBO (I've done it a few times including my most recent build which is using the OEM version from an HP that I am just reusing the HDD, DVD drive, and case from.

    After building the new system I just ran a REPAIR install from the OEM disk which analyzes the system and removes\replaces all of the system drivers and files to those needed for the new MOBO and parts - after doing that I booted into windows installed the newest versions of the MOBO drivers ( since the windows install used some older ones) - Phone activated the install (since the numerous changes required a reactivation) After calling to reactivate and reading off the product key to the computer system it gives you an activation code that you enter to reactivate the license (didn't have to talk with a rep just the automated computer process) - then went to the windows update and installed all of the updates (the REPAIR install wipes them out so you have to rerun the updates) and then I went to the DEVICE manager to make sure all of the hardware was being recognized properly and there were no conflicts (IIRC I had to reinstall my Sound Card drivers) and the system has been working fine since with all of my old programs and preferences still in place.

    So swapping to a different MOBO is an option. - If for some reason the phone activation does not work then a simple call to MS support and explaining to them that the replacement of the MOBO was a required will get them to issue you a new activation code.
  6. ya i know, and appreciate the input, especially for those think they are 100% stuck. thats what i've done in the mean time tho to an ABIT IC7-MAX3 but don't like it as much as the IS7-G, but this is gettin way off topic. i just need to know if the zif socket is repairable/replaceable or do i need to dig and dig for the ABIT IS7-g board. is stated there are a few reasons and most is convince of not having to go thru the normal re-setup of all my security and shares and all that (which are tremendously detailed). on top of re-setting all my biometrics up. this is the heart and soul of my network :( this server is not just set up plug and play and run through wizards. but with the same ABIT IS7-G is plug in > run my acronis > 30min unattended > and i'm 100% messing with it :) would be such a relief lol. again thx.... anyone have an IS7-G to offer (sale or work a trade ) can hit me up w00t! would be appreciated i'm not rich but compensated niecly too. :)
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