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I have a high-end audio card and am setting up a system for vinyl to digital conversion, and as a (hopefully) high quality audio source. I read that some people doing this have had problems with electrical noise/interference from the power supply, HD seek heads, etc. So, I am looking for a PSU with 2 truly independent(not "virtual") rails. I need 500 watts, maybe a little more depending on the capacity of each rail. The few units I can find with truly independent rails all have MUCH higher capacity. Anyone know of a PSU like I am looking for?

If this doesn't work out my plan "B" is two separate 200-300 watt power supplies. The problems with that are:
- Manufacturers don't seem to offer the same quality in single rail 200-300 watt PSUs as they do in larger ones.

- Based on reading a lot of reviews it seems that small PSUs lack the reliability of larger/better ones.

- The unused 3.3v and 5v rails of the second power supply would need to be loaded to at least their minimum output requirement.

Any suggestions or recommendations will be appreciated. Thanks..... Al
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  1. PSU with confirmed independent 12v rails

    Here's enermax which offer several with independent rails

    Do some reading on this website below. You can see excellent assessment of PSU..
  2. Claiming the rails are independent when they technically aren't seems to be pretty standard practice. The only units I could confirm being truly independent were 1000 and 1200 watts. Thanks for the info, I'll check those out.
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