Psu for 2 overclocked gtx 670's

perfect psu for 2 asus gtx 670's directcu ii 2 top overclocked?
Motherboard: asrock extreme 4-m
cpu: core i5 3570k
ram: g skill 4gb 1333mhz(what if 2x4gb?)
case: thermatake chaser mk-1
storage: wd 500gb 7200rpm sata 3

be aware that im planning to overclock them to something like 1350 or 1400mhz if its possiple
im on a budget btw :D
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  1. 600W - 650W for SLI in default can handle it , since you OC GPU get 750W or + OC CPU get 800W or more power .. i think many PSU from antec / corsair / Seasonic /xfx and dependt your budget :D
  2. $100 :p
    i still dont get it why an old psu cant do the job?
  3. what kind old PSU ??
  4. like the really old ones
    3 years old? 1000
    computer shop told me it wont work and you need to buy a new one
    or does any psu works
  5. just read at label if no more power and no Certified SLI-Ready Power Supplies that can't be used , see GTX 670 need Supplementary Power Connectors 2 x 6pin
  6. i know that :p but i was asking if i can just buy $10 1000w psu
    what if i want it for oc one gtx 670 and the cpu?
    Maybe 650w will do it?
  7. would appreciate your help here if you have a min literally
  8. yep
  9. thanks :D
  10. I'd get 750-800W. But it has to be decent brand and 80 PLUS.
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