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Well last night i was installing my Oblivion game to my computer and my computer doesnt have any more power supply cords for your pc parts(Hard drive, cd drive, dvd drive, ect...) So i took the 2 power supply outlets from my Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT Graphics Card and unplugged my monitor from it and just to be safe put in my other graphics card into my other slot. *I left the Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT graphics card in and put in the other graphics card into my regular PCI slot and hooked my Monitor to it* Well i hooked up my dvd drive and the drive didnt work(not in my Current pc). Anyway then when i put in my dvd drive i let it go all the way seeing as though i believed it would probably have to pick up the dvd drive first and when i went into my acc the first thing i saw when it began to load my screen was "Your NVIDIA graphics card is not receiving enough power. As a result, the graphics card has lowered its performance level to a level that allows continued safe operation." And at that time it was around 3:30a.m. and i was tired so i didnt think much of it and i continued to work on the pc. I eventually got Oblivion installed onto it using the network, and used my gmas pc to install it to mine. And i went to my pc(after i put in the no-CD patch; i do in fact own oblivion and need the patch in order to play it) And started the game and it popped up in a box in the top left and i thought the game would start then boom a pop up came up. The next day i went to start Oblivion again and i copied the words from the error and it said something about the graphics card so i immediately realized that message had something to do with it. Then i tried to start my combat arms and once again the i think renderer didnt initialize so that was when i knew for a fact that was what it was.*i looked it up for a few hours to make sure* So thats that and i really really really need help with this! i would gladly appreciate anyone who can help. P.S. The graphics card has worked for the past near 2-3 months. Could you either tell me on here or message me with the title NVIDIA GRAPHICS CARD HELP to
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  1. Oh by the way the thing i rly need help with is making my performance level return to what it was so i need to be able to change my performance level, i alrdy tried i used to have a thing where i would right click my desktop and it was there but i need to find out how to change it.
  2. Before anyone can help, I would highly suggest you edit your posts to make them more readable.

    Structure your sentences and make some paragraphs. I was about to read it, then got lost, so thought Id post this suggestion first.

    Good luck
  3. Yeh, just like Boxa said, re-edit your question or reply again and make it more sense. Tell us which power supply outlets and stuff you disconnected and put them in. You are very confusing. You have to be specific
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