can anybody help? i need some advice, im wanting to get a new computer consisting of an i5 750 cpu, msi r5770 hawk graphics card and the ud4p motherboard and 4 gigs of ram, but i want to know if its worth it ti downgrade my motherboard to the gigabyte usb3 so i can get a gigabyte hd5850 graphics card.... im not sure what i should do as i am planning to have this pc for a while, any advice?
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  1. If you downgrade the motherboard to the USB3, then CrossFireX won't be a future option available.
  2. How bad do you need usb3 and sata3 right now?
    Find a 1st gen 1156 mobo like this.
    Add one of these when usb3 and sata 3 is mainstream.
    This option will give you crossfire without limitations.
  3. well the gigabyte usb3 board apparently has crossfire support, inm not sure what the difference is between that and crossfireX
  4. CrossFireX is just AMD's new term for CrossFire, they essentially mean the same thing.

    The P55-USB3 supports CrossFireX, however, the second slot operates at x4, which would meant that trying to add another card to run in CFX wouldn't help very much, if at all due to the bottlenecked performance.
  5. thanks
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