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I sold my old amd based pc and considering intel based system for office use. Mainly MS applications (outlook, MS word, Excel), QuickBooks, and databased based on MS Access, and a scanner to scan docs in PDF.

I am debating between E7500 and Core i3-530. With core i3 I have to purchase mobo, cpu and ram. For E7500 i have to purchase mobo and cpu since I already have 2 gig DDR2 ram. I will install win 7 64 bit. Thanks
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  1. Nothing wrong with the e7500. You can mate it with a g31 or g41 board for less than $50 with some brands at newegg.com and reuse your old ram.
  2. The only problem with 775 socket is that you won't have any upgrade path, but for an office computer this shouldn't be an issue.

    The e7500 and ddr2 ram will be more than enough for the needs of the average office computer.
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