LG 37lc42 display problem with ati hd 4850

Got the latest drivers for my gfx card. (ati hd 4850)
My problem is when im trying to clone my desktop onto both of my screens. apperentaly my tv dosnt support the mode my normal screen is running, bc when i try a higher res then 1440x440(this is btw the only res i get to work on the LG tv) the screen goes blank and repports "no signal found".
i know that 37lc42 does suppert screen res up to like 1920x1080

ive tried with older driver versions but the same problem. so my question is, why cant i for instance run 1920x1080 on both my screens?
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  1. What's your desktop's resolution?
  2. 1280x720

    when i choose "clone" in the ati settings panel the LG TV goes blank and "no signal". but i can choose to make the lg tv as "extended" but the only resolution i get any picture on is 1440x440. i really dont know why the lg tv is so hard to handel.
  3. Try configuring both the LG's to 1280x720.
    Also try extending the desktop to the LG's instead of cloning.
    Finally open up CCC, go to Display Properties, select the LG TV's in the drop-down box at the top, change the resolution & refresh rate there, try putting the refresh rate to 60Hz, 59Hz, etc.
  4. ive tried all that. trust me. :- p
    ive tried every screen res there is, in every possible way to try it. nothing except that strange 1440x440 works on the lg tv. ive tried looking throung my tv manual and look for something like "enable hd" or something like that, but i cant find anything like that.
    im really stuck on this one. : /
  5. What display lines are you using? (DVI, VGA, DisplayPort, HDMI, etc)
    What version of CCC? What are the exact models of the LG TV's, link us to the website.
  6. Both screens use DVI-HDMI. (dvi on the computer, and hdmi into the screens)
    CCC = ATI Catalyst™ 9.12 Display Driver for Windows XP Professional x64 Edition



  7. "Resolution 1366 x 768"
    It was certified for 720P, which at a 16:9 ratio would be 1280x720.
    Try setting it to 1366x768 instead of 1920x1080.

    "Supported Computer Resolutions 1024 x 768 (XGA), 640 x 480 (VGA), 800 x 600 (SVGA), 1360 x 768"
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