Ebay seller shipped wrong AMD CPU, should I keep it?

Hey everyone,
Last month (exactly one month ago on June 7) I bought a motherboard/CPU combo brand new on ebay. Everything was unopened. The original listing was for an AMD Phenom II Black Edition 960T. The specs are here:

What I got instead (and I honestly didn't notice until after installing it) is an AMD Phenom II X6 1045T processor, specs here:

And just for the hell of it, here's the ebay listing so you people can confirm I'm not blind and that actually says the 960T black edition that I ordered:

Now looking at the stats some of the specs on the black edition are better. I have done some overclocking on this X6 by adjusting the FSB, but here's the buzzkill. I can't enter manual values for the clock multiplier, it's stuck at certain increments that I can't really push it past the factory settings! I am assuming the AMD Black Edition is unlocked on this front?

I want to go after this guy... but honestly the CPU and gaming is working great. But I wanted everyone's opinion here. Should I keep the X6 or go after him for the Black Edition CPU that I was originally suppose to get? I DO want to overclock and push the limits of my PC, I don't know if the X6 is giving me that full capability (also I've read the black edition can be unlocked to become a hex core anyway). What's everyone's thoughts here?
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  1. Keep it it's better :D
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    It's better.

    Essentially the 960T unlocked is a 1045T, but that is very risky. So, you got a better processor!
  3. I personally would've checked with him before installing it, then again I read the boxes I spend hardearned money on :P
    if he said it was sent deliberate, I.e. because the 960t you ordered was o.o.s, then fine, otherwise i'd arrange for him to pay postage and supply the correct one
    I'm horribly honest though so its your morality, you decide
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  5. Hey guys thanks for the quick response! I'll be keeping this CPU then. And thanks moto in the future I will make sure everything's right!

    Tbh I did notice when I first got it or said x6 and didn't have model number on the box. But besides recreational use I needed my PC for work and when I checked the specs the CPU seemed better like you guys said. Also the x6 was newer and worth more retail than the black edition. I didnt know 100% model for sure though till I read the bios screen seeing it was different.

    Well my PC is awesome now runs BF3 and diablo like à breeze! IVe put enough money into this hobby this year. Next summer I am going to build a true monster of a PC.
  6. Over clocking is over rated. If your system is running acceptably be happy. I would certainly leave some appropriate feedback for the seller.
  7. ram1009 said:
    Over clocking is over rated. If your system is running acceptably be happy. I would certainly leave some appropriate feedback for the seller.

    Hahaha appropriate feedback I hear you and agree :D Besides that he sells DDR3 RAM at retail price I asked him if he would give me a deal on it for making a big order he refused to knock any money off, I guess you can't ripp on him too hard over that but I did buy RAM from amazon for doing that!
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