Ga-ma69g-s3h Failing to POST! Urgent help!

I have been working on my own personal computers for over 9 years; This problem even I can't figure out properly! I was changing settings in in Cmos/bios and was running the AMD Overdrive application on windows 7. Updates asked for a restart so i proceeded. When I did, the computer failed to POST as it has done in the past. Now I can't get it to POST period. I have removed the battery and used a screwdriver to short for 5 seconds to no resolve. Anyone willing to work with me on this one?
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  1. I see that maybe people arent responding due to lack of information. I am running 4 gigs of A-Data ram dd2, a Nvidia 9600 GT 512mb ram, a AM2 Athlon Black Edition 2.6 ghz (dual), the mother board ga-ma69g-s3h, and a Hypper 550watt PSU. If there is anything else needed I will search for what it is.
  2. Looks like a problem that you caused when changing BIOS, Set it to fail safe defaults to see if it makes a difference.
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