3570k + 212 evo

Right so the case is HAF912 in a space where 2" of air behind the case and all exposed for the front of case and about 1.5" space on each side. My room temp is 20 C in winter and 22-23 C in summer. Will the hyper 212 evo get to 4.4GHz at least with the 3570k? Thanks :). Game sessions will range from 30min to 3.5hrs.
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  1. The HAF case is pretty big so you should be able to fit even bigger coolers. I hear the EVO are quite good coolers but the 3570K is idleing at some 35 C as I type this under corsair H50..What I'm saying is the CPU is running real hot and while the EVO might be sufficient, I'd look for some bigger, better alternative as I personally like to keep it cool.

    The EVO will do it's job I'm sure thogh and if youre on tight budget than why not ...
  2. Ill get 2500k instead then i guess cuz that runs cooler. and when i was saying those measurements i meant the air space around the case if u no what i mean.

    Thanks again for your help :)
  3. would i get to 4.4GHz with 2500k CPU instead?
  4. dansgas1000 said:
    would i get to 4.4GHz with 2500k CPU instead?

    With a 212 Evo, you'll get to 4.4 on a 2500K quite easily. I'm at 4.5, not even really breaking a sweat with my 212 Evo in push/pull (high 50's to low 60's stress testing). I could go higher, I just don't NEED to, lol.
  5. So i could get to like maybe even 4.6GHz with the Hyper 212 evo? :D
  6. With a 2500K, if your room temps are decent and you don't need a lot of Vcore to do it, I'd say so.
  7. Ok thanks :) my room temp winter 20c/summer 22-23c :)
  8. What are your room temps? :)
  9. dansgas1000 said:
    What are your room temps? :)

    My room temps are some 20 C atm. Also when I said the i5 3570k is idleing at 35 C I forgot to meantion that it's not even overclocked, as I just finished my build over the weekend. I suppose the thermal paste needs to cure a bit as well but it doesnt change the fact that the new ivy bridge are running considerably hotter than its predecessor- sandy bridge.

    I prefer to opt for the latest HW possible but if overclocking is your thing than CPU's such as 2500K still pretty kick ass :)
  10. I have a Hyper 212+, not the evo and a 3570K. At 4.5GHz I was reaching 84C after a couple of hours of stress testing. Probably best to go with the 2500K if you want to go for high overclocks.
  11. I have the Hyper 212+ as well on a 2500k @ 4.6GHz. My temps sit around 70c when running Prime95 blend test for hours. Intel Burn Test 10 passes I dont even hit 70c.
  12. Sorry for bumping this but how far will i get with an i7 2600k and a TX-3 cooler?
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