EVGA H55V: Will post with an i3, Same rig won't post with an i5.

Just what the title says. I am attempting to install an i5 in to a system. Won't post with the i5. Will post with the i3. Im talking just the board, and power supply. There are no other variables ATM. The i3 gets to bios with just the keyboard, monitor, and power supply. The i5 does not, and i am told that it should. Any one know what gives?

Yes, i have tried with multiple boards and CPUs. All components function properly. Just some don't function properly together.

By chance i stumbled on to this thread linked here: http://www.evga.com/forums/tm.aspx?m=324178&mpage=1#330303

Turns out if you use the i5 or i7 on this board, the onboard video is ... DISABLED???? so i tried a GT 210, and it is POSTING. WTF? any one know how to fix THAT issue?
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  1. Oh, and incidentally, i get a a beep notification, followed by a series of 8 more.
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