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ok i have a asus m4a785td-m evo motherboard and it haves the 785g chipset with radon 4200 hd and hybird crossfire do i get one pci-e card and cf it to the 4200 or do i need to get two cards and witch cards wood u get for gameing
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  1. CrossFiring another card (like HD 4850 as an example)with the integrated HD 4200 is a waste IMO,because it barely will effect your gaming performance.
    Hybrid CrossFire is mostly for power savings and doesn't have a great effect on gaming.
    So its better to get 2 high-end cards (like 2 HD 4850's as an example) and CrossFire them instead of CrossFiring a high-end card with a low one like HD 4200
  2. Yeah, don't bother with hybrid crossfire. The cards that are actually even capable of using it are quite weak.
  3. ok thanks
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