New Biostar motherboard boot issue

I just rebuilt my system with the below equipment & setup. The system will not post reliably when booting / rebooting. I can often take as many as 5 attempts to get a successful boot. When unsuccessful, the screen stays black, no beep, etc. I have upgraded the BIOS to the latest version per Biostar. Any other suggestions? The system runs great once booted.

Biostar MCP6P M2+ motherboard
AMD Athlon II X2 240 processor
PCIe video
OCZ DDR2 2x 2GB RAM (OCZ2P10664GK)
430W Power supply
Win 7 64 bit
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  1. After flashing the bios, did you set all settings to default?
  2. Nils said:
    After flashing the bios, did you set all settings to default?

    I just tried resetting to default, and this did not resolve the boot issue. It did remind me that I had to change the Halt On setting change in order to avoid the following error message:

    "Warning! Now System is in Safe Mode. Please re-setting CPU Frequency in the CMOS setup"
  3. Have you changed anything on your configuration like cpu or ram?
  4. It's all new. The only hardware from my previous setup is the hard drive.
  5. Did you have the same problems before flashing?
  6. Nils said:
    Did you have the same problems before flashing?

    Yes, the exact same problems were present before flashing the BIOS. I have also swapped power supplies, and removing my 1 PCI add-on card, and these did not resolve the issues.
  7. Then it looks like a motherboard issue to me. If it's not too old, you can use the warranty of the shop and change it for a new one. Something must have gone wrong while rebuilding it.

    Maybe try these things anyways (if you haven't already):

    -resetting bios by removing battery for 1/2 minute
    -reseating cpu, ram and vga, making sure there no dust or other dirt on the connections. Clean out the ram and vga slots as well.
    -booting with only a minimum of components (cpu,ram,mobo,vga,psu. No more than that). Try with the ram in all possible configs: dimms in slots with color1, dimms in slots with color2, one in color1 other in color2, using both dimms alone ...
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