What is limit on crossfire?

Could 2 4870x2's and 2 4870's be used in crossfire all together?

What about 2 5890's and 2 5870's?
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  1. To the first question : No.

    To the second, there are no 5890s.

    Crossfire is limited to 4 GPUs total. You could use 1 4870x2 and 2 4870s in crossfire, but using 2 and 2 would be 6 GPUs total.
  2. I thought so. I meant 5970 btw.
  3. Both CrossfireX & SLI are limited to 4 GPUs, however you can use more for GPGPU applications.
  4. Don't forget 6-way xfire is coming soon - so then both answers would be yes.
  5. That will be exciting
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