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Hi everyone! I have a few questions.

When I'm playing games, is it better to allow my system to regulate fan use or should I set the speed on my own?

With that, what speed should I set my fans to? The default on my system is 40% and the max I can change it to is 85%.

Will it wear out my fans much faster depending on what percentage I run them at?

Thank you in advance!
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  1. More information please!
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    Depends on a few things.

    A. What fans are you talking about? Case Fans, CPU fan/s, GPU fan/s, etc. or all fans?
    B. What temperatures are you getting currently with your "40%" setting? If the temperatures are okay then there is no reason to increase fan speed.
    C. What kind and how noisy are these fans? You might not want to ramp up the RPM to high or else your computer might become too loud.
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