Computer Won't Shut Down (MOTHERBOARD PROBLEM ?)

Hello,my name is Robert , i recently bought my system and after i configured it i tryied to shut it down and no succes , the motherboard was still powered but the windows had shut downed .
The only way i turn off my pc is by turning of the psu .
It's not a PSU problem because i changed it and had same issue .
When i turn my psu on the fans start immediately even doe i havnt yet pressed the power button.

I enabled ACPI Support 2.0 in bios , checked the power options , disabled all wake options .

my specs are :
MOBO : Asus rampage 2 gene
CPU : intel i7 920 2.67
Ram: OCZ 6 gb triple channeled pc3 10666 2000 mhz
HDD : WD 640 gb sata
Dvd-r : sata LG
Vga card : Gforce 8600 gt
BIOS : 1307 newest .
OS : Windows 7 64 bit .
PSU: Sirtec 700 Watts (absolute power series )
If someone could help me i would really apreciate it :)

P.S : tryied reinstalling windows clean install and still nothing.
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Like I see ur problem is a short between ur mobo and case, check all connections and the proper installation of the mobo inside the case.
  2. Well when i press the shut down button it actually does shut down but only the os( soft shut down ) so basicly the connectors are ok , even the restart works .
    Another strange thing is that after soft shut down fans run faster .
    I can't even shut it down using the start button on the mobo
  3. Try reset the BIOS to default specs.
  4. already done that and it doesn't work for me .
    Could be a compatibility problem with the ram? Well i don't think so because windows loads it and shows 6 gb and etc... so
  5. In your BIOS go to the Power Management setup and look for a Soft-Off by power button option (at least that is what Gigabyte calls the option not sure on ASUS but there should be a similar option) and see if it is turned to Instant Off or Delay 4 Sec. (if it is set to delay 4 sec you need to hold the power off button for more than 4 seconds to shut off the system or else it just goes to suspend mode !!)
  6. That was one of the first things i looked for and no ... only got some other options there .
    PS my pc doesn't shut down (power wise) ever... even if i hold the shut down for 1 min ... =))
    So it's something else...
  7. Bump anyone has another idea ?
    Ps i am using the pc in europe although it was bought in canada , but the psu is from europe . Any difference ?
  8. :( well thinking of RMA the mobo... I guess i cant do anything else .. to see the problem
  9. anyone please help ...

    P.S. Could the ATX connector from the motherboard be defective ?
  10. ^Do u RMA the mobo? try that and we can know if that is the problem.
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