New Rig - Prime95 Temp Results ok?

Phenom 965 BE /w Zalman 9900 and Tuniq-TX3 paste.

My temp got to 58, occasionally blipping over to 59 here and there but only for a quick second. Once it got to 58 it pretty much stuck there. I know this is under the rated 62 but I feel like it should be lower, low enough to consider OC if I wanted to. I mean, that's how it should be isn't it?

The paste was UBER hard to apply... this crap sticks to everything but the CPU, the manufacture recommends the spread method but it's impossible almost. However I finally managed to get a very thin pretty much transparent layer on there... Could read the CPU still without much hesitation.

When gaming for hours or doing anything else I've never seen it go above 54 with my case fans on low, 52 with them on high. Should I try to reapply more paste? When I first got the rig running it idled at 27-28 now it never gets that low anymore. Think the paste was too thin?
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  1. 54-56 is great. The 9900 isn't all that great of a HSF compared to, say, the Hyper 212+. I've got an OC'd 965BE (3.83GHz) that hits 59-60, but that's on the stock HSF. Not sure where you get the rated "62" but you should be able to get 65-68 with no problems at all, and 70 isn't unheard of or anything to worry about.

    I built a computer for a friend that swore he needed the 9900LED and I tried to talk him out of it. With his i7 920 OC'd to only 3.33GHz, he was hitting 70-72C but he was happy. I can get my i7 920 to 3.7GHz with an Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro and it's at 72C full load. I'm not worried about it - decent temps - but I should have got the 212+. I'm not sure why everyone thingks the 9700/9900 is so great but then I'm not sure why I thought the AC7 was so great, either. :-)

    Bottom line - your temps are just about where I'd expect them with that cooler. No worries.
  2. Thanks for the reply. AMD rates the max temp at 62C.

    I just OC'd 200Mhz to 3600 and it got to 60C using Prime95. I made it quit that crap makes me nervous. As easily as people jack these things to 4Ghz I feel like I'm not getting enough cooling. Has to be the paste I mean it's a nice fan. The best? No. Nice? Sure. I mean the temps only get that high when I use the super stress test but still, I'd really rather it perform a few C degrees cooler.

    Anyone else have an opinion?
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    ^ What you're measuring is core temperature. 62'C is the temperature at tcase I believe...which the programs don't measure.

    The max core temps are way higher than the max CPU-case temps.
  4. I see... So the core temps can go beyond 61C, so the core temp readings I'm getting are fine, but it's the CPU temp that should stay below. The CPU temp is what matters. At least I think that's what Google's taught me.

    I still feel like it should be less, hehe
  5. So I just ran Everest... The Everest Stress test never got my cores above 52C, and my CPU never went above 42C. Is the Everest Stress test more realistic for everyday gaming and computer use? Should I consider my load temps the 52C under Everest or the 60 under Prime? Am I in good shape? My question still for the most part is whether or not based on my equipment should my temps be better/should I reapply my paste and do it a little thicker? I know I'm running fine, but am I optimal based on the CPU/Cooler/Paste I have.

    Thanks guys

    Edit: These temps are while CPU is running @ 3600Mhz
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