Windows xp does not detect incoming telephone calls

My computer does not answer incoming phone calls. I have tried with the fax console set to receive faxes and used both auto and manual settings.
The modem is a Motorola SM56 speakerphone. It dials out and will send outgoing faxes.
I have previously had this modem receiving OK under WIndows XP Pro which I an still currently using so it is possible that the modem has developed a fault.
I would welcome any suggestions as to what I might try.
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  1. it is possible that the modem is failing. especially if it was working before without issue.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I formed the same opinion and ordered a new modem a few days ago. It arrived this morning, a US Robotics one. It is now installed and my computer once again answers incoming calls.
    Thanks again.
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