OC possible on my rig??/Any problems?

First off id like to say I am generally new to over-clocking and thank you for taking your time and expertise to answer me. I just purchased this computer from a friend for a good price and I wish to know if there are any noticeable problems with it. Examples being my hardware config or the CPU "clocks". My friend assured me it is fine and not to worry, Other than what I think is terrible frame rates for half the games I play; Diablo III, Starcraft 2, Skyrim, and a host of steam games ) Other than my said "FPS issues" I have not experienced any problems. One other thing coming to my mind is my CPU temp staying around a constant 68°-70°. I have read this is higher than normal :/ .... New heat sink????

Here are the specs


Thank you for any time and consideration
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  1. it's alright, AMD phenom II's and Athlon II's like to be under 60C, but it's still safe

    and you should be able to unlock the cpu to a 6 core, look in the bios, it was very well marketed
  2. he is at a quad core, i said he could unlock the other 2, but that would bring the temps up a bit more
  3. I have successfully unlocked the 6 cores and have installed new case fans and new heat sink. The heat sink itself is very old and has probably been sitting in the computer shops back room since it came out. (Crappy computer store in my city only sells Intel hardware) I plan on ordering a mid grade (nothing to expensive but still assured quality) liquid cooling system on-line and hope my CPU temps will not exceed 65C under stress. The highest I have seen so far has been 72C-75C. Although it usually never goes above 72C. Thank you for your replies.
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