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My PC worked fine - 5 months. I have inserted two 2gb ram sticks. With both rams, my computer freez, mostly in games. Both rams are OK, tested with memtest. But whit one ram my PC works fine. I've tried with difrent rams, graphic card, power supply, updated all drivers and BIOS ... Plese help.

windows 7 64 bit
AMD Phenom IIx4 955
M4A79XTD EVO - motherboard
A-DATA DDR3 1600+ (cl 8-8-8-24;1,65-1,85 v) - ram
LC6600 600W - power supply
SAPPHIRE HD 4890 - graphic card
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  1. You said you tried the computer with different ram correct? Did it freeze if you had two sticks in of the different ram?
  2. No difference with new Patriot Sector 5 2x2 gb 1600MHz. With one ram stick pc work, with two freeze.
  3. Since it's acting the same way with completely different RAM, check to make sure the bios settings are correct, the motherboard could be defective, or try flashing the bios
  4. If you placed both modules into the DIMM_A1 and DIMM_B1 black slots and it BSOD's then try putting them in the DIMM_A2 and DIMM_B2 blue slots.

    Make sure you set the RAM timings and voltage manually according to Patriot's specifications.
  5. I placed a-data back, flashed bios, adjusted RAM timings and voltage. If I place both modules in black or blue slots together, PC freez on windows logo. If I place one in black and one in blue work fine, but in single channel. Memtest ( 5 hours ) with no errors in single channel mode.
  6. Is your CPU overclocked? I'm asking because the memory controller resides in the CPU.
  7. Never.
  8. Have you tried running the RAM with 1.85 Volts?
  9. Not yet. 1.85 V is relative high.
  10. Try 1.75 Volts since it is definitely within ADATA's Working Voltage Range for the DDR3-1600+ PC3-12800 2GBx2 CL8-8-8-24 1.55V-1.75V Dual Channel Series modules.
  11. I tried with 1.76 V , but the same story.
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