Difference Between These? Better one?

Hey Tom's,

Only a few days away from making my final decision and purchasing my first rig to be built. Still undecided about which MoBo to officially choose but I think it's down between these two. I really cannot tell what is different aside from what series they are, hopefully you guys can point me in the right direction for my final decision.

Mobo #1:

Mobo #2:


My rig looks like this:

Case: Haf 922

CPU: AMD P2 X4 965 BE

GPU: Radeon HD 5870 HIS

PSU: Corsair 850W Modular

RAM: G.Skill Eco 2x2GB

HDD: Samsung Spinpoint

Monitor: Samsung 1080P


Will want to OC the CPU (Using Hyper 212+)
Will add a second 5870 at some point

Thanks everybody at Tom's!
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    The main difference is the slightly more expensive one has onboard video... which you dont need so you can save the 15 bucks and get the cheaper one. There are some other minor difference, but nothing applicable to this build. Gigabyte is good stuff!

    Also, if you do plan on doign crossfire in teh future, that is not a good motherboard choice. If you look at the specs, when theres a card in each PCIx slot, they only run at 8x each. Especially if you are going to crossfire such a bada$$ video card in teh future, you want a motherboard that can crossfire both slots at x16 like this one
  2. Also... dont forget to order thermal grease for the hyper 212+. Arctic Silver 5 is a solid choice
  3. Thanks for the input, yeah I picked up some Arctic 5. Got the 212+ at amazon with a second fan.

    As for the 16x, I do see your point but I did a little research on it and as far as people can tell it really only matters with 5970's. Any other time it's like a 4% difference. Though I am kind of pushing towards the cheaper board since I am already at my budget, guess I will have to see what I can move around to make up for the cost difference.

    Possibly drop to the 955 BE and OC it, supposed to have the same OC potential however I don't know personally.
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  5. I think dropping to the 955 is wise regardless. sure its only $20 or $30 bucks to get the 965, but in reality the different in speed between them in a few %... when you're paying 20% premium. Not the best bang for buck.
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