Hsf fans

hello, i am wondering if this hsf
is compatible with this fan
also, if anyone knows how much of a temperature difference there will be after using the blue fans, compared to the stock fans, and one fan compared to two, please tell me.
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    The Thermaltake will fit and profide a little bit extra airflow but at the price of more noise. Useing 2 fans on that cooler wont do anything more then make more noise IMO the one it comes with is fine but if you want the LEDs go for it.
  2. oh i see, thanks for the quick reply. i just wanted minimum temperature because of my overheating issue here
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  4. Those fans respond to a temp sensor and not MoBo control. I'd use a PWM fan no greater than 1500 rpm ... at 2000 rpm, gonna sound like an airport :).
  5. i'll see how it goes, and once i get it, ill do a test, with stock, and with new fans, one and two, and jot the temps and noise (relative) level.
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