Pc shuts down on thermal after a few seconds

Ok so i have this pc that i am fixing for a friend he messed with it and now it wouldnt start up when i got it from him. i opened it up and found alot of wiring issues with it and pulled a diagram on it wired the mobo up properly .and it starts up and does try and go into windows but is shutting off on thermal ?checked temps in bios and temp gets to 113c and on core 26c ? but its cold to the touch i cleaned all parts and applied new thermal paste on processor and heatsink. unhooked dvd drive,hdd,and video card,etc.... still shuts down on thermal,any ideas ive read alot of threads on this issue and tried out all the repairs yal have said except new parts any other imput would be greatly appreciated......
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    Reseat the processor with proper thermal paste. and make sure holdowns are tight, get a program like speedfan to monitor temps and fan speed, make sure fans are operating properly and clean out any dust, check the bios and reset to defaults in case any overclocking is causing the problem.
  2. Done all that except resetting to default it wont stay on long enough.ive checked processor and applied paste 3 times so far thinking i done the process incorrectly.
  3. Dell? It may not be a processor problem but blown capacitors on the main board. They vary in size but when bad are swollen on the top. Take a look. The capacitors are cheap, a little solder work and you will be up and running. Edited to add capacitors are around 1/2 inch tall with a black plastic cover, and an x on top, if you decide yo replace make sure pos and neg are correct.
  4. Its an Intell board and its a game type box it was built by someone for him last year but it looks like all used parts with a new psu.
  5. Ok so i replaced the fan and took heat sink off again and it looks like the heat sink is not touching the processor ? There is no impression in the thermal paste,Where they should be touching ?
  6. And i believe i got it applied a lil more paste and now its been runnin for bout 30 mins but with no load on it windows starts up and comes to the log in screen but idk the guys password lol to put a test on it any thing that i can do to put a load on it from boot ?
  7. Do a ctrl alt delete twice at login screen in the new window type administrator no password and enter, bet it works. Sounds like a heat sync misfit.
  8. OK update so far - its been running fine at bout 30 to 31c for bout 2 hours now i finally hacked his password and now im on the home screen but there is no task bar nore will it let me right click on the mouse and there is no desktop icons all i get is the mouse and the wallpaper and i can get to task manager thats it ??
  9. OK ladies and gents i believe its fixed finally got the os to work right but is corrupt so installed new os and is operating like brand new...
    Thank you all for the imput and will be looking forward to the next task at hand in a new thread and this time ill make sure i start it in the right forum lol...
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