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$600 Dollar Budget Gaming PC

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December 26, 2009 11:12:56 PM

Hello, as it is boxing week, and my pc is now dead. RIP December 26th 2009 the day after x-mas.

There is alot of good deals going on at so i'm going to need some major build as this is my first build.

Country : Canada , Toronto
Budget : $600 Exactly ( abit would be fine lol)
I don't need a keyboard,mouse,monitor.
Sites to be used :

What i use the pc for basicly : STEAM games, like Modern Warefare 2, Team fortress 2 ( I want 60 fps on it running smooth), L4D, basicly most games out in the market. And photoshop and multitasking.

I need the pc to have onboard sound, and lan.

Here's my take on the build.

Mobo + CPU Combo :
Graphics card :
PSU + Case :
Hard Drive ( 1tb free shipping on whole order) :

Problem is i need to have ram but i don't know how much i need, and i think the hard drive is a good deal since it gives free shipping on the whole order.


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December 26, 2009 11:14:51 PM

you need at least 4gb
December 27, 2009 11:27:01 AM

Thanks for the reply.

Here is from newegg, it seems more cheaper, except the graphics card $10 more, but the cpu's and mobos are pretty decently cheap, and an amazing deal on the case and psu combo.

PSU + Case :
Graphics card :

Totals :$300.98

I have $200-300 left for shipping,ram,hard drive,processor+mobo.

Recommendations please?

Btw it's www.newegg.CA ( canada. not .COM)