Best partitioning software?

I have 3 HDDs, a 1tb data drive/old boot drive, a 64gb SSD that is now my boot drive, and a 140gb spare drive that I frequently remove and hook up to other computers for really large file transfers.

ever since I installed the 140gb drive I have been having a lot of problems and now it is time to finally make my SSD my main boot drive and my 1tb into my data drive. the data on the 1tb is intact but I am having a lot of problems when trying to boot. this doesn't really matter since I don't plan on using it to boot anymore

now for my problem, I have about 250gb or so of files I need on my 1tb but no where to put them, with all my flash drives and spare HDD room I still need another 150gb of space.

I want split my 1tb into 2 partitions, transfer important files on one and format windows on the other then turn it back into a single partition as my data drive.

I have tried diskmgmt.msc, windows 7 install disk and 2 other solutions but they are getting no where really fast, I can't seem to be able to just make 2 partitions, I just end up with one and unallocated space that I can't turn into another partition, having data on the disk seems to be a road block.

so I am looking for high quality partition software that is free or that can be download via .torrent
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  1. i don't know about others.. i've used easus partition master home edition (free version).
    you can get it from filehippo if you don't want to get it from
    another one is gparted
    i haven't used it in windows. it works well with linux.
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  2. I went with paragon partition, worked flawlessly
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  3. "Many people prefer to use a standalone disk management utility instead of the Windows Disk Manager for resizing and moving partitions, formatting disks, and other critical tasks. Until recently, most such tools have been premium software, but Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition is a full-featured freeware disk management utility that can even be used commercially, which is great news for home and small businesses."

    This is a short review from CNET Editor which I find on CNET, if you need a free partition software, I think this one could give you a help.

    BTW, you could find it from CNET:
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  4. Antivirus scan results for "miniaide-magic-partition-home-setup":

    Found TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen and Sus/ComPack-L
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  5. i also have hirens boot cd and i added tails and bt5 to it, i should have every utility ill ever need
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  6. AOMEI PARTITION software - helped me very much, and it is very good.
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  7. One of the Best Partition Managers for Windows PC which I know are
    1. EaseUs Partition Master Home Edition
    2. Paragon Partition Manager
    3. Partition Wizard Free Edition
    4. AOMEI Partition Assistant Home Edition
    5. Wondershare Disk Manager Free
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