Motherboard and/or CPU problem

I have recently built a computer and it has been having a wide array of issues. I have tried a bunch of troubleshooting procedures on this forum with no improvement to my situations. I do not know whether this should go here or in the CPU forum, so bear with me.

First, the setup:
]Motherboard: Asus P7P55D-E Pro
CPU: Intel i7 860 2.8GHz
Power: Corsair 750w ATX
RAM: Corsair 2GB PC3-10666 DDR3 DIMM x3
Hard Drive: Western Digital - Caviar Black 1TB Internal Serial ATA
Graphics Card: SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 5770 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16
CD drive: ASUS Black DVD Burner
Operating System: Windows 7 Home 64bit

I have been receiving the following problems with this machine:

When playing a game I receive "Driver AMD has stopped responding and has successfully recovered" (also have had the gibberish version of this message)
Following this message, I notice a variety of graphical bugs and artifacting in my games.

Also when playing games, I have received various blue screens (most have been erased from reformatting)
I do not know if this helps, but some that I remember are "irql not less or equal", "system service interruption", and "memory management."

When downloading files, I have also received a variety of blue screens as well a strange popup telling me that files cannot be saved due to problems with the hard drive.

During cold boots, the system will crash while attempting to load windows. Following this crash, Windows will ask me to either enter startup repair or start windows normally. To get my system to boot, I have to select startup repair, the system will say "loading windows files", then it will return me to the previous screen (where I can select startup repair or start windows normally) and I can now start windows normally. Selecting start windows normally from the beginning results in another crash. There are no blue screens during these crashes.

I also received a seemingly random windows kernel corruption error (only prior to first reinstall)

All of the above issues occur intermittently and seemingly randomly under the requisite conditions (sometimes the graphics card will not crash, I can download files normally, and windows boots completely normally).

My attempted fixes:
Starting out, I would only receive graphic card issues, so my first fixes involved installing different versions of video drivers (both with and without CCC), over/underclocking my graphics card, updating bios, patching up my games to most recent versions, and increasing fan speeds. Between different installs of drivers, I have run drive sweeper to make sure each install is clean.

After those fixes failed, I tried reseating my Video card and ram then reinstalled windows to start many of the above processes again. Finally I rma'ed my card. None of these fixed the issues.

During the above fixes, I started receiving issues with windows booting (I forget when exactly, but prior to reinstalling windows). Thinking I might have bad ram, I ran memtest on individual sticks for 3 passes apiece. No errors were found on any pass. I then tried running with 2 out of my 3 sticks, swapping which one I had removed. Again, no improvement. I received a random windows kernel error, which prompted me to do the first reinstall of windows. Reinstalling windows was a pain since I would get errors during the process telling me again that a file was corrupt. When I did succeed finally, I ran Scandisk, but found no problems with my HDD.

After my graphics card returned, I was still receiving the same errors. Tired of trying to fix it on my own, I sent my computer to a local computer store.

They went through and tried their own fixes including, removing and reseating/reattaching many of my computer components, reinstalling drivers and updating bios, reinstalling windows a second time, scanning hard drive for errors, trying a different video card and hard drive (according to receipt, the other hard drive would crash with a "STOP: c0000221 unknown Hard Error systemRoot\System32\ntdll"), and running RAM in different configurations. Finally, they noted that there had to be a problem either with the motherboard or processor, but they could not test it due to lacking the proper parts.

My questions now are, is there anything that we could be missing that is wrong with my computer other than the Motherboard or Processor, and how would I be able to tell which is bad if the computer store does not have a compatible replacement for either?

Also, is there anything else needed that would help diagnose my problem?
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  1. You're using 3 dimms on a dual channel board. I would try removing one and see if your symptoms go away.
  2. Still getting graphics card crashes. Last time I tried this, it would work for 24 or so hours before giving me boot issues again. Also, the computer store tried dual channel as well, but their only comment was that it did not work.
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