Amd phenom 2 x6 1090T black edition

Hello,My question is I used amd 1090T x 6 Be processor in this summer the ambient temperatur is 34C° I repleaced the stock cooler whit a arctic cooler freezer 13 limited edition ....In idle the cpu temperatur is 32˘C system is on 40C˘ on 800Mhz 4*multiplier this cooler is enough or not for gaming?(Stock3,2-3,6Ghz cpu freq)
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  1. it should be great for gaming, and some overclocking, just try to keep it under 62C
  2. THx , I don't thinkig on overclocking I buy that because its cheap and a processor have enough process power on stock cpu freq 3,2-3,6 Ghz...for most game ... :)
  3. great proc for gaming. just pair it with a decent GPU.
  4. I had a 550ti geforce ....I must stoppin on the 500 W psu margin...But its made the job werry vell ..Crysis 2 hr texture pack+dx 11 pack with extreme settings all resolved on 1680*1050 resolution I dont now how many fps but goes fluendly....
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