[Need Help Please] GTX 260 2D Desktop mode in 3D Applications

Hi, first post in this forum. Excuse me for my bad english, im spanish.
Ok, here's the problem.

8 months ago I decided to build a gaming rig so this is what I chose.

- Asus M4A79T Deluxe Socket AM3 DDR3 MB

- AMD Phenom II 720 Tri-Core 2.8GHz

- XFX GTX260 Standard 896MB DDR3

- NOX Sonar 780W Modular

- Mushkin Extreme PC3-12800 DDR3 1600 4GB 2x2GB CL8

I started playing WoW with 40fps in raids and cities but 2 months later something went wrong. My graphic card stopped making that electronic sound and it started to work really bad (3fps in raid and cities). I left WoW because i couldnt play. Now, I discovered something new. I open the ingame EVGA Precision and I see something is wrong. The frequencies are working as 2D Desktop while being on a 3D Application. I opened the CPU-Z and I went to the Graphics window. There is an option called Perf lvl and you can choose to 4 options. You cant choose the perf lvl but there are some numbers and frequences binded to every option.

-Default -> 576mhz core clock, 1242mhz shader, 999mhz memory.
-2D Desktop -> 400mhz core clock, 800mhz shader, 300mhz memory.
-3D Application -> 576mhz core clock, 1242mhz shader, 999mhz memory (I didnt overclock anything)
-Current -> ???

I noticed that when I enter a 3D Application (WoW, Silent Hill, FarCry2) my card stills working with the 2D Desktop performance level.

I dont know how to solve this, thanks god I found this forum.

I cant play anything and I cant buy a new gpu so I need help for solving that. I really need help.
Waiting for an answer, Merry Xmas
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  1. Welcome to the forums. First things first: you've made sure all your drivers are updated? And what kind of sound are you talking about, does it sound like a bee buzzing?
  2. there are power option inside the nvidia control panel. you can try tinkering with the power-saving option there, its right under the 3d settings options. make sure its on performance mode.

    im not that familiar with precision tool but i believe your gpu is being "possessed" software-wise.

    i'd uninstall any gpu-tinkering software first. and if it still dont help:

    1. try a fresh os install.
    2 try the card on a different system.
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