LCD picture from my laptop not as good as it should be

I have an LG 32" 1080p LCD tv for christmas. When i connect it to my laptop via the PC input using a VGA cable, the resolution is 1280x720, a bit blurred, and a bit of the left side of the picture is cut off.

My graphics card is an NVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M, which NVIDIA say has a max analogue resolution of something like 2500x1600, much more required for the 1920x1080 picture on my tv, so why is it not able to put that quality picture out?

It is also worth mentioning that i connected it to my brothers Samsung 23" 1080p LCD tv and it put out a full 1080 picture with no problems.

Surely the size of a tv doesnt matter, as the laptop is putting out the same quality picture into both. Anybody have any ideas what is wrong?

Thanks for your help guys :D
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  1. I dont think its possible to manually force the resolution. On the slide bar the max it goes upto is 1280x720, is there another way i can do this?

    Ive been through all the tv menu options and there is no auto correct. In my graphics card control pannel i can move the picture across horizontally, but one bit is still cut off, moving the picture only lets me choose which part of the picture im cutting off
  2. In the display properties, go to 'advanced settings' and 'display' tab, uncheck the 'hide uncompatible settings' box, this should unlock the rest of the resolutions, refresh rates etc... then force the 1080 resolution

    edit: exact titles may vary, since I have finnish version of Windows lol

    edit2: I think you can create new display profiles somewhere in the gfx control panel, if the 1920*1080 resolution isn't in the unlocked list... Not sure though..
  3. I found how to manually force the resolution to 1920x1080 and the picture was very blurry and not high quality at all, the 720 picture is actually better.

    Do you think the problem is with the tv then, as this laptop easily puts out a 1080 picture on the smaller samsung tv?
  4. hmm are you absolutely sure there isn't any funky settings on the TV about vga connection/properties etc??

    better yet, tell me the exact model number so I can look up the manual on the web.

    and make sure the cable is properly connected on both ends...
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