Computer only using 1 stick of ram?

My computer that i just recently bought about a month ago runs fine at some points in all games and in others runs like complete crap, 1-20 fps. I just recently found out that in bios it shows im only using 2048mb of ram, but when i go into cpu-z and windows it shows 4GB (1.99 usuable) In my dxdiag im only using 2gb of ram, the other 2gb is nowhere to be found? I checked and I do have 2 sticks of ram installed, and in the right setup. I find it odd that windows is only using 2gb of ram when 4gb is installed, I believe this is the problem behind my extremely low FPS.
I have tried setting my max ram to 4096 mb in msconfig.
I think maybe the second ram stick isn't powered?
Heres my setup

I5-750 quad core
alienware mobo
Samsung 2x2gb ram sticks 1033
HD 5870
Windows 7 64 bit
525W psu from alienware
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  1. if you use windows xp, it can be causing that problem
  2. Bent CPU socket pins cause missing ram also.

    First Id take out the 2 that is working for sure, and run memtest86 on the other one.
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    Something is wrong. Run memtest86+ which uses it's own OS. It should identify all the ram and test it out.
    Sometimes the motherboard requires a bios update to fix some ram issues. Do not update the bios unless it will fix a problem you have. Also, is the ram installed in the proper slots? I would hope that Alienware would know how to do this properly, but It might cause the symptoms you are seeing. Download the motherboard manual and verify which slots should be used with only two sticks.
    CPU-Z will identify the mobo and the ram.
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