Replacing Raptor Hard Drive with Icepack

I have a Dell Optiplex 745 Small Form Factor desktop. The WD800ADFS-75SLR2 hardrive failed and must be replaced. It's no longer under warranty and I can't find a replalcement hardrive on the Dell parts site. I did find a used WD1600ADFS-75SLR2 drive, but have not figured out how to remove the icepack/ heatsink from the failed drive and put it on the replacment drive so I can remount the new harddrive.

Western Digital hasn't been any help as they say any attempt to remove the icepack will void the warranty (which I don't have anyway)

Can anyone tell me how to remove the icepack without damaging it? I did find a WDSL002B icepack on the internet, but it appears to be for 2.5" laptop drives. Besides, I'd rather not have the added expense of replacing the icepack as well as the hard drive

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  1. The icepack is a useless device that only serves to amplify the drive's noise! If I were in your shoes, I would forget about it and use any drive that fits in the bay.
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