Pentium4 519 ht [3.06 GHz] vs pentiumD[3 GHz]

hi i ve 2 processors right now. 1 is p4 519 ht[3.06 GHz] and the other is pd[3 GHz].
i want to know which is a better processor all round.. for games n all kinda applications. i ve heard both r equally good. i'm gonna make a decision about which 1 to keep.. so please tell let me know which is a better 1..
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  1. really good 5 years ago yea but out of the 2 the Pentium D would be your better choice overclock it if your board allows i had a D940 and it cruised at 4 ghz no problem.
  2. The Pentium D is better. HT on P4 has almost no effect and may even cause problems in some games (like Serious Sam 2).
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