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okay My Specs:
AMD Phenom II X4 920 @ 2.8 Ghz (Quad)
Nvidia GTX 260
4GB DDR2 Ram @ 1066 (Purchased another 4Gigs ram)
500GB HDD @ 7200rpm (16mb cache)
Need more info Let me know...

anyways ive been having this problem since i dont know..Thursday? the problem is my pc would randomly just reset itself every couple hours, eventually i couldn't get to my desktop w/o being in safe mode..from there my DVDRom decided to DIE so i had to wait for a new and now i finally got Vista back up and running properly Its now started all over again even with the new Ram i bought (i thought it was Ram) so could this all be effected by the Motherboard..? or does it sound something Complicated?

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  1. update: apparently its fine @ idle but once i start the Windows Experience Score/dxdiag it reboots..w/o error..i dont if this helps.
  2. What I would do, is check the motherboard for leaking, bulging capacitors.

    Run memtest 86 on the ram

    run chkdisc on the hard drive, and download the hard drive manufacturers diagnostic tools and run it.

    Get a new PSU is it is generic or low wattage.

    Try a different driver for you GPU, try a newer one, and try an older one. Make sure you delete the original first. Dont overlap drivers.
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